Kids #7 Photos

They were trying to fill that stone container on the right (I don’t know what is it called) by collecting water on a plastic bottle from the stone tap. I watched them from above for a moment and took some shots. Their energy was contagious. I couldn’t help myself so I went down. I thought I would just observe them. The saw me.

They saw me then. I had my camera hanging from the right shoulder. I had my 50mm lens. One of the little ones said, “Didi Didi, take our picture, take our picture!” They were soaked.

I asked them “Won’t you catch a cold playing with cold water on a rainy day?” They replied “No.” I asked again, “Won’t you get scolded?” They thought for a while and replied, “No”.

Then, they called their other friends. Kids, Kids! A bunch of energy together!

My friend joined me then. They asked, “Do you have chocolate?” My friend had Hajmola and she gave it to them.

I started taking their photos. You can see them below:



“Quick! Give it to me!”



“Here, Take it! Fill it. Fast!”
“You give it to me. I’ll pass it on to her. We must act fast.”
“Let’s pour it together! We can fill it fast this way.”
“I will jump and you will pour water on my face. Deal? Do it. Do it again! One last time!”
“Now, my turn. I want to wash my legs. Help me clean!”
Sneaky one! Wanted to come into the frame so quietly stood in front of it.


Thank you for going through all the photographs.

I had an amazing moment with these innocent souls. I could give two of them a small candy as I didn’t have much.

Wondering if they could fill that container?

Nope. It had a small outlet. The water flowed out 😉 They realized it later but didn’t stop having fun.



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